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Free Denture Care Service for Care Homes in Kent

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Kent Dentures offers a free denture care service to care homes, which includes a number of aspects which will help provide evidence of good care for CQC inspectors. The service includes:

  • Free training for staff
  • Free advice and support for staff
  • Free denture naming service for service users.
  • Free screening and managers report for the care home
  • Free mini-presentation on denture care and infection control for service users
  • Free consultation and written quotation on new dentures and repairs.

Free training for staff

Kent Dentures can come in and provide a mini-training session for staff which can be tailored to suit the homes needs. It doesn’t matter how many staff you have. This could be provided at the beginning of a team meeting/handover or could be provided alongside other training as an add-on.

Mini Training Session (approx 10minutes)

  • Why dentures are important
  • Losing dentures- where are they found?
  • How to clean dentures
  • Infection control and how naming reduced infection
  • Services we offer – how can we make wearing dentures as comfortable as possible.
  • Questions and Answers

Free advice and support for staff

If you or your staff have any issues with dentures and require some advice then you can call us for free advice and support. Our telephone number is 01227 469813 and we can be contacted 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of this time, you can leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Providing Evidence for compliance with the Essential Standards

This service may help to provide evidence for:
  • Outcome 4(a)
  • Outcome 5(a)
  • Regulation 24-1
  • Regulation 14-1c
  • Outcome 6 (f)
  • Outcome 6 (i)
  • Outcome 8
  • Regulation 12
  • Outcome 11(f)
  • Regulation 23-1
  • Outcome 14(a)

Free Denture Naming Service

To avoid getting dentures mixed up when they have been found, it is possible to get dentures named. This service normally costs £20 per denture set, but this would be available free to all the service users in the home as part of the denture service. This would help to reduce oral cross infection risks when service users try the wrong dentures, when looking for theirs.

Free screening and managers report for the care home

Kent Dentures can provide you a free annual screening program with plan for the service users who are denture wearers within the home. This will provide you with evidence to show that everything is being done to support service users with their denture need. We will offer free written quotations for our home visit service to those who require repairs/religns or can make referral to the NHS community dental service (for those that qualify) for those individuals who require treatment from a dental surgeon. Download a sample report.

Free mini-presentation on denture care and infection control for service users

We have been providing talks within day services across Kent in association with AgeUk. We can provide a brief 5 minute presentation with tips on denture care and infection control. We have found this to be very helpful and informative to service users who are still responsible for their own denture care.

Free consultation and written quotation on new dentures and repairs.

Kent Dentures provides a community home visit service to patients in their own homes (inc care homes). We provide free consultations and free written quotations for patients. Kent Dentures is a private service rather than a NHS service. For many dentures are a band 3 treatment which attract a contribution from the patient which currently is over £200. Private denture services are very common due to the increased quality of product and service which is usually seen as being more cost efficient in the long term. As we are a community based service we have developed a business model that doesn’t require a costly treatment location which allows competitive treatment costs. Consultation and Written Quotation are free and there is obligation for any patient to agree to any services. We support the positive choice of service users.

For more information on this service, please call us on 01227 469813 or email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thomas Jeffs

Thomas Jeffs is our Service Manager and is a qualified Care Home Manager and has been working in Health & Social Care since 2002. He has a BSc degree in Science from Canterbury and a BSc Health & Social Care degree from the open university. Thomas has managed in both Residential and Domcillary care settings and would like to improve the access to quality dental health services for all persons in the community especially those with mobility problems.